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Mobile App Development

Mobile accessibility is crucial to your success, as more and more people every day look for information to make service arrangements, payments, ordering and buying decisions on the go from their smartphones.

That is why First App Tree is an integrated Mobile Marketing solution for Automotive Sales & Service, Churches, Non-Profits, Restaurants, Bars & Pubs, Experts and Innkeepers that enables you to engage your followers on any mobile device. Click on the audio link below to hear Coach Ron Tunick’s Talking Mobile Apps Radio Interview.

Mobile App Client Benefits:

  •     Increase revenue or bottom line
  •         Generate repeat sales or giving
  •         Up-selling additional products and services
  •         Increase average ticket sale value
  •     Expand your brand
  •         Personal mobile connection with each prospect, customer or patrons
  •         Increase followers on Social Media
  •         Boost frequency of Yelp, Google+ and other online reviews
  •         100% expandable for future marketing campaigns
  •         Ability for extra customization
  •     Better service for customers and followers
  •         Collect and act on feedback quickly
  •         New communication channel with customers or flock
  •         Offer Mobile Only Specials and Coupons
  •     Competitive advantage against competitors
  •     Improves staff efficiency
  •     Employees no longer have to spend as much time on the phone
  •     Reminders and Notifications can be sent to Subscriber’s mobile device
  •     Appointment setting process (Service Reservations) can be automated
  •     No need to handle money, payments and collections can be integrated inside the App

Mobile App Customer Benefits:

  •     Convenient access from anywhere – on the go, at home, at the store
  •     No waiting on hold, no standing in lines, no order mistakes, because customer controls process
  •     Customer order history allows them to easily select from previously stored orders
  •     Customers can customize or change their orders
  •     Integration with Google Maps provides GPS driving directions to store, special events or book signings
  •     Fast and Easy promotions, special offers, coupons or discounts, location information, programs, and your hours…etc.


Mobile App Solutions

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